“After the NFL, I struggled to find a new purpose in life.  Allan opened my eyes to an entirely new world of possibility; supporting me in articulating a career in not only doing what I love to do, but what I was naturally born to do.  Each session gave me loads of awareness and peace,  he kept me moving in the direction of finding a life I never thought possible. I often joke about him to my friends saying that “….if he knew more about football, he would have made and amazing NFL coach.  The results of my experience with Allan are simple; for the first time since I was a kid, I feel free again. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s not fulfilled in their career. James Hill / Former NFL Player

“Allan was instrumental in helping me realize what I wanted to do next in my career.  When I made the switch to become an Executive Director, I knew it was exactly the right direction.  For anyone who needs help exploring their professional options, Allan is an amazing resource.” Glennda Testone, Executive Director, LGBT Center

“Allan is a great listener.  He allows you to talk through your professional goals and aspirations then challenges you to break through to what you really want.  Every session with Allan has provided me with an aha moment of how I can take concrete steps to making my dream job a reality instead of settling for a second-best career.”
Joe Kutchera, Author/Digital Marketing Consultant

“Allan is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of career change.  As a former corporate employee making the transition to entrepreneurship, Allan’s coaching was invaluable.  I came to him with scrambled thoughts and an idea of where I wanted to go, but no clear path on how I could get there.  His zen-like insights made me think deeply about where I want to take my career and he helped me develop the tools I need to create my path in life.  Most importantly, he helped me understand not only how I would get to where I wanted to be, but why I wanted to go there.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for something more out of their career.”
Matt Talbot, Foundergospotcheck.com

“When I first contacted Allan I was hoping he’d help me find a new job.  Although he was tremendously helpful in providing insights, guidance and discipline regarding a job search, what he really gave me was a new perspective and empowerment.  He had a great way of cutting through the noise and cueing me to come up with my own solutions to my problems, which is so much more helpful than just giving commands or setting goals that may or may not resonate.  In the end, I stayed in my existing “job” but totally transformed it.. The “new” situation is awesome…I can’t believe what a sense of freedom and excitement I now have…making much more money and having a totally transformed quality of life.
Russ, Managing Director / Investment Banking

“Allan is like a ridiculously fast sports car that makes razor sharp turns and is very quiet.  Sportscar because he is very active and engaged.  Fast because the man is very smart. Sharp turns because of his keen insight, quiet because he’s very stealth-like on coaching calls.” Private

I just want to let you know that you can add me to your list of beyond-satisfied customers…you zeroed right in on what you called my “excuse” for not going forward with what I wanted to do. I’d been dancing around that baby for years and totally couldn’t see it, but you could. And I remember thinking, how amazing! How did he do that?   So I’m eternally grateful. You worked a minor miracle with your caring attention, skill, and honesty. Thought you should know.” Noelle Lake

“I used to think career coaches were right up there with snake oil salesmen until I met Allan. In just the first visit, I felt restored, renewed and refreshed.  He said and shared things with me that changed the way I look at myself and the world almost at the speed of light.  As he was untangling my long story of career complications, I felt freer, smarter, more confident and more capable than I have in years.I am such a grateful fan.” TW, Video Game Industry Executive

“In working with Allan, I came to realize that I had this long list of rules and assumptions that I had picked up over the years.  “You cannot make any money doing this” or “People think this about me”, etc.  In my working with Allan I came to realize that I was making all of this stuff up, inventing it out of thin air.  Allan has helped me to break down these barriers that I have been building around myself.  I can now work towards a more satisfying career and life by realizing that there are no “rules” and there is no end to the possibilities.” Kevin M., Banking Executive

“At first I was skeptical about life coaching.  I had no idea how to remove myself from an uninspiring career that was void of any creative outlet for my life, and I wasn’t sure a life coach was the answer, but, I needed a change.  Working with Allan has completely transformed my life and career, where I am now an active player in the creation of my future, with a healthy life and value system being my main motivator.   The truth is, I’m happier than i have ever been, and have more confidence in my life than ever before. I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with next!”
Shawn Luby,  Scientist turned Musician

“In our three months together, not only do I have a new career identified but I have actually started living that new career…….I would not have been able to realize and accept the fact that I can actually get paid for indulging in my hobbies that I thought could be nothing more than something I could partake once in a while after finishing my “real work” in corporate America.”
Diane Beck, Project Manager

…. “he’s encouraged me to go beyond my rather narrow view of career possibilities and instead embrace the empowering idea that I can shape a job that is based on my interests and talents.”
Rob F, Advertising Executive

“My experience with Allan can be described as empowering………. I now have a vision for my business and for my personal life. My days are filled with greater peace of mind. A quote from an old friend best summarizes my inspiring relationship with Allan, “He holds the light so I can find my way.” Jim Cox, President Cox Concepts

“I found our work together to be valuable and enlightening….. What a gift it was to work with such a talented individual.”
CB Hayes, Interior Designer

“My experiences with Allan have been nothing but positive and are always filled with learning. He is intelligent, kind, dedicated and giving. He is passionate about coaching and being the best coach he can be to his clients. Allan’s coaching has made me think differently about what I want and how to get it. He consistently supports me while also giving me the push I need to stretch myself to ultimately get or do more.” Caroline Rosengarden, Life Coach

Allan is remarkably insightful. He has a wonderful ability to hear between the lines. NG, Television Executive

If I had to choose the single most important thing that Allan helped me achieve through coaching, I think it would have to be giving myself permission to want what other people don’t have. I’ve often censored and limited my dreams about what was possible based on the experiences of those around me, but Allan helped me see beyond that limited view.
Catherine Salsman PhD.

Speaking with Allan each week is Zen-like…. He has carefully shined light on my dreams and assisted me in taking the steps necessary to move in the direction of a fulfilling and successful life. Not only had I gained clarity and direction for the life and career I desired, but the tools and abilities to allow my career to take the shape and sense of fulfillment I had always dreamed of. My experience with Allan is truly miraculous and I am in awe at the depth of his talent. He has assisted me in living to my full potential, exactly what I desired out of my experience with him. What Allan has done for me is a priceless gift to me and those around me.
Sally Estrada, Business Owner