Ten Strategies for Success in Corporate America

In light of the current turbulent business and economic times, most people are in survival mode. They are hoping they do not get fired, and thankful to have a job. Gratitude is always a good thing. Even in these turbulent times, one does not need to lose sight of their dream, or vision. People will still get promotions, raises, and make lots of money. While there are never any guarantees, these suggestions for rising to the top hold just as true in a thriving economy as they do in a down economy.

  1. Develop a compelling vision for yourself.  You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going.  Have a clear strong vision of what you believe, who you are, and where you are heading. Write it, draw it, make a collage, just get it down on paper. 
  2. Translate your vision into goals. Choose goals that are in alignment with your vision. Write down five of the goals that will turn your vision into reality 
  3. Become known in your company or industry as the person who gets things done. Identify the projects and roles that will increase your visibility and contribute to your company’s success. Capitalize on it.
  4. Study your boss, his boss, and the leaders of your company and industry. Discover how they got where they did. 
  5. Play well with others. Develop relationships with hundreds of colleagues throughout your company and industry. Be well-known and well-liked.
  6. Be a leader.  it’s very different than a manager.
  7. Exude enthusiasm.  I am always surprised at how many people say they love their work, with an expressionless face.   If you love your work, show it. Enthusiasm is infectious; people love to be around it. If you don’t love your work, maybe you need to reconsider what you are doing?
  8. Learn. Always be learning about your industry and company. What’s coming down the road?  How does technology impact it?   If you think there is nothing new to learn about your role, business, or industry, Think Again!
  9. Become indispensible. Have the impactful client, skill, knowledge that no one else has.  
  10. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks where there is high potential for success, and little room for disaster.  

About allan

Allan Fried is a New York City based Life & Career Coach specializing in working with people who want meaning in their careers. Having been an executive at a major entertainment company, COO at an early state digital media company, and owned his own business, he has powerful insights on what it takes to find and excel at work you love. He has been described by his clients as talented, Zen-like, insightful, and passionate. His client’s success can be attributed to his intuitive talent in guiding clients to uncover and reveal what is truly important to them. Allan has over 20 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He spent the bulk of his career at BMG as Vice-President International, where he worked on developing the careers of recording artists. In these positions he learned a lot about using one’s unique talents and gifts to pursue success. He has also been heavily involved in his community through involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Empire State Pride Agenda, Habitat for Humanity, and several other community initiatives

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