Strategies To Help You Get The Job You Want

Ten Surefire Strategies To Help You Get The Job You Want

  1. You need to know who you are to know what you want. Do some introspective work; discover your personal values, your innate talents and strengths. Perhaps you have taken certain assessments in the past such as Meyers Briggs or Disc. A book that I use with all of my clients is called Strengthsfinder 2.0. The idea is to uncover the qualities and assets which you are not only good at, but also like to use.
  2. You need to know what you want to get what you want. Getting clear on who you are will put you in a better place from which to discover what it is you want. As a rule of thumb, we tend to like to do things we will naturally be good at. There are many assessments, books, and methods that can support you on this journey. Ultimately it is a journey of experimentation and trying things on for size. You can take a look at the books page on my website for some ideas.
  3. There are four basic strategies to get jobs. Networking, direct contact, recruiters, and responding to ads. Just responding to ads on the internet is not looking for a job. Recruiters and job postings combined, are responsible for filling only 25% of all positions. So it stands to reason, it would be wise to not spend more than 25% of your job search time on these methods.
  4. Get over your aversion to Networking. We are talking about building relationships with like-minded people. This will be vital to your long-term career success, you can do it now, or find out you should have later. Stop thinking about it in terms of wanting something, and start looking at all you can offer. Not only in terms of what you bring to a job but all of the other talents and resources you possess.
  5. Prepare for the interview. Most people don’t, you will gain an immediate advantage. Know the company, the department, their challenges and opportunities. Be able to articulate: What you bring to the game – what you can do for the prospective employer. How will you demonstrate your claims in a credible and powerful way?
  6. Use the interview for multiple purposes. During the interview investigate what challenges is the company and your would-be manager are facing. You want to collect information, so you can write more than a thank you letter. This will be an opportunity to differentiate yourself, by offering solutions and proposals on issues which came up in the interview.
  7. Address anything that might present a concern, or reservation about hiring you. Do this even if the employer does not bring it up. The question will still be lingering in their mind. You may lack the amount of experience, not have managed the number of people you would be here, or not know some technical issue. If it is there, they are thinking about it. Ease their anxiety about the potential objection; show them what they are getting.
  8. Differentiate yourself. Take it for granted that every candidate interviewed is going to possess the minimum tangible requirements to fill the job. How will you differentiate yourself? How are you going to communicate the added value you are bringing? Get them excited by other skills you’d bring to the organization. Other problems you can help solve, other opportunities you can help them take advantage of.
  9. Show them you are an expert. This is a huge mistake many people make. They are afraid they are going to limit their opportunities , so they try to present themselves with broad experience. Most organizations are looking to hire experts not generalists, and experts are valued more. It is only in select industries or departments that there are needs for generalists. The more you can demonstrate your expertise, the more attractive you will be as a candidate.
  10. Write much more than a thank you letter. Use the information you gathered during the interview as an opportunity to continue the interview. Show them you understand the challenges. You can even go as far to offer specific solutions and ideas which address these challenges, write a proposal if you want. Going the extra mile like this, is where you can stand out.

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Allan Fried is a New York City based Life & Career Coach specializing in working with people who want meaning in their careers. Having been an executive at a major entertainment company, COO at an early state digital media company, and owned his own business, he has powerful insights on what it takes to find and excel at work you love. He has been described by his clients as talented, Zen-like, insightful, and passionate. His client’s success can be attributed to his intuitive talent in guiding clients to uncover and reveal what is truly important to them. Allan has over 20 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. He spent the bulk of his career at BMG as Vice-President International, where he worked on developing the careers of recording artists. In these positions he learned a lot about using one’s unique talents and gifts to pursue success. He has also been heavily involved in his community through involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Empire State Pride Agenda, Habitat for Humanity, and several other community initiatives

2 Responses to Strategies To Help You Get The Job You Want

  1. Gerry

    Several of these strategies deal with “branding” without actually using the word. Is that the result of all this introspection – to come to terms with my brand? I don’t know how to get from “who I am” to “why you need my brand.”

  2. It does all start with who you are, and in a sense that is your brand. You take who you are and transition it to how you want to be known and seen. Communicating that in a meaningful way to an employer so it addresses their concerns, challenges, needs, is the critical part of an interview. When it comes right down to it, a prospective employer is going to see at least 3-7 people who meet the minimum qualifications for the job. What is it about you that makes you stand out? How can you let the prospective employer see that?

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