Ricky Gervais On Not Having A Real Job


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Creator of The Office Ricky Gervais talks to the Harvard Business Review on Not Having A Real Job

Some of the key points from the interview include:

Reminding himself, “It is not real work compared to my dad who was a laborer.”

“I feel I am a workaholic because of the privileged position I found myself in.”

“Fame is the worst of it.  Better to want to be rich that is real freedom.  I haven’t done anything for a million pounds I wouldn’t have done for free.”

“Fairness is the most important thing in managing a team.”

“If you start to water it down or second guess people you will end up with something a lot of people will like, but they will not love it.  I have always wanted to do something that really moves 1 million people than washes over 10 million.”

Listen to the full interview here.  Ricky Gervais Interview

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