Have you had success?
Do you have even greater aspirations?

Whether your want to change careers or start a grow or business, you might be questioning whether you have what it takes to take things to the next level.  It becomes easy to convince yourself, you don’t have the experience, training, or talent to step up your game.  Our gifts are like breathing to us, they come so naturally, we don’t even notice we have them. Whether you want to do work you love, grow your business, or become an entrepreneur, nurturing and leveraging the seeds of genius already inside of you, is your greatest chance of delivering on your promise.

Struggling to find the fire inside of you is a good way to put it out.

Discovering and leveraging your innate wisdom, talent, and gifts is not for the faint of heart though, it takes courage and commitment.  That is why I choose to work with people who have big aspirations, are ambitious, but are not willing to sell their soul for success.  They are people who are willing to collaborate, be guided outside of their comfort zone, and while they like prosperity, for them success is about much more than the size of their bank account.

Are you a power seeker or a freedom seeker?

In every generation there are a group of people that realize they don’t have a choice, there is something that drives them from within to constantly push up against their edge.  They feel unsettled, unless they are in pursuit of fulfilling their promise. Words like freedom, authenticity, prosperity, impact,  inspiration, and love light them up.  If you think you are one of us, then I want to work with you.  Power is about what you can control, freedom is about what you can unleash.

Allan Fried is a New York City based career coach and executive coach who works with smart and ambitious professionals on fulfilling their promise and achieving their aspirations.  You can read more about Allan’s background as a coach, executive, and entrepreneur here.  You can also read testimonials from Allan’s clients and the impact the coaching has had on their life, business, and career. Although based in New York City, geography is not an obstacle.  Allan has worked with clients across the United States and the world.   His clients have come  from Manhattan to Los Angeles';  San Francisco to Germany, and from the U.K. to Australia.

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